Friday, 20 January 2012

Big Tune


First demos coming through the pipe line this week, going to be available on tape bundled with a lovely poster and possibly a hand painted t-shirt. Form an orderly line.

Old bookshop

stick 80 people in a room the size of your front room, scream for 45mins. Drink some brocca. Think it went ok. Big love for

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Standard Rehearsal...

1. Late
2. Sparking a hoot outside the police station
3. Abused by steve from lady land for 1. Caring to much about being cool, 2. Being shit roadies
4. KISSTORY - pure old skool flavorz...
5. Buying an amp that is far to heavy 
6. Playing with the radiators on full cause Karls well butch

Gig tomorrow.

Shooting the shit with Laura Baker

Sending out some big ups to our very talented photographer friend Laura Baker. Spent the day in the studio a little while ago with her and these are the results. 

Check out here work here

The Boss

Studio Time